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Commonwealth of Learning - L3 Farmers Project University of Jaffna

Introduction to Agriculture Technology Transfer Module

Chilli Crop Management

Sinhala version

Tamil Version

Expert : Hello how are you? How is your chilli field?

Plate 1: Healthy Chilli Plants

Farmer : Chilli plants are Curled ! or Diseased?

Click either curled or diseased !--------------------

Does the combination of cow urine and cowdung help as a pesticide? --NIMS Mrs. Nirmala Parameswaran) 16:24, 26 September 2011 (UTC)


 Interesting to know about your interst in chilli cultivation. I had visited Sri Lanka in Dec.2010, and believe me the food is real spicy.  So much for their chillies..However we in Kerala have our own variety of the chilli. The tiny "Kandhari" chilli can make you jump sky high.

--NIMS Mrs. Nirmala Parameswaran) 16:21, 26 September 2011 (UTC)

Farmer : How do I make my chilli plants healthy?

Expert : Don't worry. You can adopt the following methods to manage the thrips. There are two ways to manage thrips

Farmer : Ok tell me the easy and cheap method >

Expert : First is, you have to spray chemicals, either Imidacloprid or Reagent @5ml/lit with a freqency of once in 5 days, if the leaf curl is clearing dont spray the chemical.

Farmer : Could you please suggest any methods other than chemicals, because these chemicals are hazardous to other organisms too.

Expert : Good to hear this message from you! You have better concern about the safety of environment. There is a very good bio-pesticide, some farmers practiced this and found working well.

Farmer : Its quite interesting, i would like to try it also

Expert : Yahhh! I found it works well. But its needs little time to prepare. Better you prepare it and keep with you if you observe the infestation again you can control with out damaging environment.

* Here are the Steps for the Preparation of the Bio-pesticides

  1. Take cow urine + cow dung in 3:1 ratio
  2. This mixture should be kept for 2 months in a container with open mouth
  3. You can spray this mixture diluting five times with water

Farmer: Its seemed to very simple and cheap. I will prepare and use.

Expert : Good. If you adopt some simple agronomic practices then you can minimise the infection in your field.

Farmer : Thats very good. Tell me those practices too....

Expert : They are so simple and easily practicable.

They are,

  • Intercrop maize with chilli
  • Grow Chrysanthemum as a border crop

Farmer : Its quite interesting and find to be easy to control thrips successfully.

Expert : OK, well!! Practice these methods and inform me the results.

Farmer:Thank you very much. I am going to tell this discussion to my neighbour farmers too. They also wanted to contact you to solve some of their problems.

Expert : Ok, wecome all and see you again.