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Define Objectives

  • To increase the income generation of the farmers in rural areas.
  • To give new technolgy for farmers through ICT facilities.
  • To give a clear knowledge about tissue cultured banana cultivation for new farmers who are willing to do the banana cultivation.


This includes all culturing practices of tissue cultured banana cultivation for a new farmer

The stakeholders


Young generation who are involving in Agriculture and who are willing to do agriculture

IT centers

The Implementers(Who implement the Interactive Lesson)

Members of Institute of Agro technology and Rural Sciences, University of Colombo

The beneficiaries

Rural community specially farmers

Activities(here learning activities)

Training farmers about ICT

In this case farmers are trained for using computers and Internet

Give the knowledge through ICT in interactive way

Prepare more contents on agriculture for farmers to use

Outputs(Short term results)

Outcomes(Long term results)

Now list our Key Perfomance Indicators for Outputs and Outcomes

How the data on KPI will be collected?