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Object Oriented Analysis and Design

Fundamental concepts in OOAD

UML is a powerful tool to represent the concepts in OOAD

  • Objects: Objects represent an entity and the basic building block.
  • Class: Class is the blue print of an object.
  •  Abstraction: Abstraction represents the behavior of an real world entity.
  •  Encapsulation: Encapsulation is the mechanism of binding the data together and hiding them from outside world.
  •  Inheritance: Inheritance is the mechanism of making new classes from existing one.
  •  Polymorphism: It defines the mechanism to exists in different forms.


 UML uses the following design concepts and transforms the design into visual artifacts

  • Identifying the objects of a system.
  • Identify their relationships.
  • Make a design which can be converted to executables using OO languages

 UML can also be used to model non software systems