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Set Your Students A Spelling Programme!


Running a spelling programme is a great way to impart valuable study skills onto students. A weekly bite-sized revision and recall task helps to develop a student's focus and also helps develop a key component of English. The good old fashioned art of rote learning can boost students' confidence and instill motivation, thanks to immediate feedback and a sense of competition with other class mates too.

Feel Free to Use, Adapt and Add Too!


Spelling & Vocab Collection #1


This is fairly straight forward. Set a pre-test using a collection of words from each group. Collate the marks and allocate students into appropriate Word Groups. Give a print-out of sheets to students and run a test each week. While you run through each group, those students not involved can either be revising or learning their words if their test is next. An easy way to differentiate. See the additional instructions on each sheet for promotion-prospects and also for vocabulary tasks too.

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