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  • identify, find and develop resources that can be shared locally, nationally and internationally.
  • develop learning communities around resources and projects.
  • to enable digital literacy and blended learning in the development of Special Education projects.
  • Thinking about Canadian Association for Community Living's priority areas (2005-2015):
  • Achieve Equality Rights and Recognition
  • Close Institutions and Assure a Home in the Community
  • Secure Child Rights and Needed Supports
  • Ensure Families Have Needed Supports
  • Achieve Inclusive Education
  • Secure the Right and Access to Disability Supports
  • Establish Safe and Inclusive Communities
  • Eradicate Poverty for People with Intellectual Disabilities and Their Families
  • Achieve Employment Equality
  • Make a Global Impact on Inclusion - Hear Our Voices Report. Funded by CIDA, and published by Inclusion International
  • What happened to the communities which participated in the Hear Our Voices project? Followup? What are the opportunities for incorporating them into a Learning Community, so that they can continue their own learning as individuals and a community, to support each other and grow their numbers and influence? -- Randy Fisher 14:41, 17 January 2010 (UTC)