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About David Roche

David Roche is an inspirational humorist - David's face distinguishes him from all other presenters and motivational speakers. What really makes David unique, however, is his remarkable spirit, warmth, wit and authenticity.

David has transformed the challenges and gifts of living with a facial disfigurement into a compelling message that uplifts and delights audiences around the world. The story of his heroic journey from shame to strength has inspired standing ovations from the Clinton White House to the Sydney Olympics Arts Festival, from most of the 50 states to Canada, England, New Zealand and Moscow.

David presents keynote speeches and entertainment for corporate, association, disability and educational events of all kinds.

Watch his talk on Fora.tv

Learning Activity


Learners will examine differences and reflect on their own experiences by exploring diversity, bullying and peer pressure and acceptance and compassion.

Structure / Format

  • Individually, learners will write a 300-500 word essay on any of the questions, and share it on WikiEducator.
  • In groups of 3-4 people, learners will share their perspectives and experiences of being different, at one time or another in their lives (Note: Instructions must be given about safety.....possibly even facilitator modelling)
  • In a large circle, the activity will be debriefed....

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Questions for Reflection & Action

After viewing his talk, please consider the following questions:

  • Reflect back on a time when you felt like a 'stranger in a strange land' ~ describe it..., how did it feel?

(Hint: 1st day of school, 1st day on the job, 1st time in a new country)

  • Did you see yourself as any different than others? Explain.
  • What steps would you take to educate others about your experience? How would you know it would be successful.