Solomon Islands/RICS ICT Training Workshop Lata Oct 2010

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Workshop details

  • Date: October 4-8, 2010, afternoons 1pm-4.30pm
  • Venue: Lata Hospital, Leaf Hut



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Lataricsvsat1.jpg Latarics-wifi-1.jpg Lataricsws-1.jpg
The RICS VSAT The Wi-Fi mast Workshop scene
Lataricsws-2.jpg Lataricsws-3.jpg Lataricsws-4.jpg
Jennifer, Augustine, Robert John, Simon and Alice RSIP officers John and Raphael

Workshop Schedule

Secretariat of the Pacific Community – SIG PACRICS Project in collaboration with Vector-Borne Diseases and Malaria Programme/JTAI

ICT Capabilities Training – Lata Hospital, October 4-8, 2010


Background and theory




Background and aims of RICS project


Training needs assessment and expectations (form)

Stages in ICT skills development

Training content

Create wiki page in advance, fill in email addresses, create where needed

Slides, walkabout





Wiki page


Using the Internet to Collaborate



Communities of practice

Online communities

Create Google group “Temotu ICT skills group”


Wednesday Using the Internet for training and learning. Collaboration on Content development.


Distance learning and training


  • Introduction to wikis
  • WikiEducator Tutorials
  • Collaboratively develop a page on Wikipedia for Lata
  • Sign up to WikiEducator and make user page

Demo of CCC with Megan
Thursday Introduction to to e-Government applications
1-5pm Health – iPath, reporting, GIS

DRM – USGS, Met offices, PTWC, reporting


Online banking – Westpac – how to pay? (mobiles)

Needs assessment – participants suggest training needs for applications

Add to wiki page
Friday Practical work, ad hoc training and training evaluation



Wikipedia pages for Temotu

Provincial Government offline resources by wireless


Participants evaluate with wiki

Participants List

Name Organisation Position Location Telephone(s) Email Skype name
Dr Simon Salopuka Ministry of Health Medical Officer Lata 7489688 s.salopuka
John Peter Peniop USP Coordinator Lata john.peter.peniop
Simon Melau Ministry of Health Community Health Nurse Consultant Lata 53045 simon.melau
Kennedy Olu DLC Kati DLC Lata 7419004 kennedy.clq
Rose Mary Neve Temotu Provincial Government Typist Lata 53039 rose_neve / roseneve
Mathew Muye Ministry of Health Registered Nurse Lata 7416693
Robert Raoga VBDCP  Supervisor Lata 53121
Alice Tanen VBDCP Lab Assistant Lata 53045 ex 205 alice.tanen
John Fakasese Lata Hospital Training Officer Lata 53045 7419982(m) Fakasese
Jennifer Nake Health Division Typist Lata 53045
John Lakwolly SIG RSIP Police Constable Lata 53184 johnlakwolly
Augustine Bilve
Health Division Director of Nursing Lata 53045 7454124(m) augustine.bilve
Raphael Bula RSIP Police Officer Lata 53184
Steven Taro Lata Hospital Dental Officer Lata 7416698 stevetaroaniara
George Tego Branch Field Officer Solomon Islands Red Cross Lata Branch
Joseph Kidu Medical Lab Senior Medical Laboratory Officer Lata
David Leeming SPC Trainer Honiara 7476396 davidleeming

Training Needs Assessment

Participants conducted a training skills needs assessment. The results are shown at the page linked below.

Click to see results of the training needs assessment


Only 5 of 12 participants had email addresses before the workshop. The first session therefore focused on creating webmail accounts for participants. Most were joined to Gmail, until the maximum allowable newly created accounts in one day was exceeded, and Gmail refused to cooperate further. Other participants used Hotmail/WindowsLive email accounts. These are all shown in the participants list above.

Training was given in sending attachments, and how to check the size of a file before attaching. A demonstration was given of resizing photographs before attaching them to emails, and of creating PDF files using the PrimoPDF open source software.


Training was given with Skype, following a demonstration. Participants created Skype accounts and practiced calling each other. Participants learned to make video calls, search and add contacts, chat and setting up group calls.

Google Group

A Google group was established for the Lata ICT Skills Group. This demonstrated basics in online communities. Participants practiced sending messages and posting on the email group. It was noted that we could create Google groups for "Lata Hospital", the VBDCP (Malaria Programme), the Lata Police, Temotu Provincial Government, etc.

The group's page and address are:

Online training platform - the Collaborative Cyber Community

Web Resources

We looked at a range of useful online resources for health professionals, and other sectors, such as DRM.

Web Resources - HEALTH

Resource Link (also called the “address”, or “URL” of website) Comments
USAID Global Health E-Learning Center Open health courses
iPath Solomon Islands

also described at the website below:

Telemedicine referral and training system. Needs username/password – via MoH.
Pacific Open Learning HealthNet (POLHN)

Open health courses

(Honiara POLHN contact: Clare Devi, SICHE)

WHO HINARI Access to Research in Health Programme

Online library with health journals etc, contact Rosemary Kiriau NRH medical librarian
HealthNet (email list) (see Newsletters)

Email group for health workers. This weekly bulletin is published by the AED-SATELLIFE Center for Health Information and Technology.

To contact us and subscribe, please send an email to

WikiEducator > Health Content Collaborative courses and information developed by health workers, free to use, copy, adapt
Hear and Say Australia Potential partner in training
Queensland Health Skills Development Centre

Potential partner in training, some courses
Isabel Healthy Communities project website

Project of Commonwealth of Learning with Isabel Health Services and HPD/MoH and PFnet/SIDT. Using community radio for health promotion.

Web Resources – Disaster Risk Management

Resource Link (also called the “address”, or “URL” of the website) Comments
USGS Recent Earthquakes

Then click on either link below “Earthquake Lists”

Gives latest earthquake information, just a few minutes after they happen, for big ones
Fiji Met Office Nadi Tropical Cyclone Centre

Then click on “RSMC Nadi TCC”

Maps and advisories of current storms
Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre Advisories up to the minute of tsunami alerts
Joint Typhoon Warning Center

See the “Western/South Pacific” alerts (if there are any current ones)

US Military cyclone warning site, available to public, useful to compare with the Fiji and Australian reports.
Australia Bureau of Met – Queensland Cyclone Warning Centre

If the cyclone is in the coral sea (south of Solomons) this will give latest alerts and tracking maps of cyclones. If east of Solomons, use Fiji and JTWC