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This course is organized into 24 Lessons corresponding to 5 Units. The Lessons introduce systematically each of the almost one hundred building blocks which together form the graphic programming language Scratch. Select one of the Units and Lessons from the menu. (See the Lesson Plans -in the Resources Menu- for an outline of this course.)

  • Unit 1 Motion and Looks: move and turn sprites, change their direction,
  • Unit 2 Sound and the pen: play one of the sounds associated with the sprite, play and wait until the end of the sound, select and play drums, select and play instruments, and select a note; setting and changing the colour of the pen etc.
  • Unit 3 Control: running scripts when certain keys are pressed or sprites clicked, repetition and selection control structures, communication through broadcast messages
  • Unit 4 Sensing and Variables: reporting the x and y coordinates of the mouse pointer, its up or down position, the presence of audio input and its magnitude level, and whether there is contact with a certain color; creating and setting variables etc.
  • Unit 5 Numbers: performing basic arithmetic operations, implementing logic functions, generation of random numbers, and comparing numbers.