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Software Tutorial

How to use Avidemux to resize an HD video so that it is small enough to upload to a website or email.

Open Avidemux

Using Ubuntu, open Avidemux by going Applications > Sound and Video > Avidemux.

Open your video

Go File > Open and find the file on your computer.

Trim clip (if necessary)

When the video is open, you will see a preview of it. If you need to trim the clip, set a beginning and end point by moving the slider then clicking the A (start) and B (end) buttons.

Widescreen adjustment

Use these instructions to resize a clip for upload to e-portfolios

Using a Flip camera

Are you using a Flip camera like this? Go to the next step.


Using a Canon Camera?

2010-06-04 Canon FS11.jpg

To adjust for widescreen recording, set source aspect ratio to 16:9 and destination aspect ration to 1:1. This will resize and add black bars to correct the widescreen aspect.

Select conversion settings

By using the Auto feature, you can easily format the video for your e-portfolio. Go Auto > FLV.

Set a maximum file size

Under 'Medium', set custom to equal 40mb. This will ensure the file is small enough to upload to your e-portfolio.

Save Video

Now, to save your video, click File > Save > Save video. The file will take a little while to render (depending on the size of it) and then you're done!