Skill of Motivation

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Read through the situation below and perform the activities below

Laura is a High School teacher teaching a group of Grade Eight students.She realises that there are a number of underachievers in her group. Reasons vary ..... some are not concerned about how they fare. Raj is the son of immigrant parents and is struggling with English. Thelma is more interested in performing arts. She does not like Mathematics. Warren is good at practical work but hates his books. Laura speaks to her Supervisor Mrs. Kane. She advises Laura to motivate the children. "But how am I to do so?" says Laura"Of course I give them pep talks on the need for performing well. But looks like they hate such talks"

Your role: You are Laura and you need to learn some techniques for Classroom motivation

Activities: (1) Read
(2) Read (the main page of the site has much to offer)
(3) Read
(4) Reflect and note at least three instances where you were motivated to learn due to some person/incident. Share the same with some colleagues. Ask them for similar instances in their lives.
5)Draw up a list of activites you plan to use in your class so that your students are motivated to learn. Include one activity for the three students mentioned in the situation you have read.

Please feel free to list here effective motivational strategies you have used