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The situation in my school: Colégio de Alfragide

In my school, as I am responsible for the pedagogical approach and I do not need to be evangelized about the value of new technologies, I have been doing what is in my power to develop the necessary infrastructures, equipments and general technological developments which may enable all the teachers to use whatever means they feel are necessary to reach the outcomes they have planned and the final goals of education.
That is why I made the way to a Learning Management System ( Moodle ), acquired computers to create a computer lab, including Interactive White Boards, installed wireless, linked all the computers in a LAN and provided general access to the internet by everyone: students, teachers and auxiliary staff.
Now, we are facing a new challenge: to master all the necessary knowledge to use, adapt, create, change and re-use products created in class, by the teacher or by the students. People should know how to use software, to capture sound, image, video… They have to know how to transform photos taken in school outings, visits to museums, etc.
And they have to be able to help each other in using those media.

--José Romão 14:38, 19 December 2009 (UTC)