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THiS iS mY tEsting Space

Testing Fonts and Styles

Bolded Text
Italized Text
Underlined Text
--Alfonso Sintjago 10:20, 20 February 2012 (UTC)

Placing an Image [First Image] (Options)

Testing Frames

Out of Many One

Out of Many One - First Image Upload
Testing different ways to add images


Testing Tables

Current Project

I would love to be able to spread this concept a bit more within ITLA (The Technological Institute of the Americas) and the University of Minnesota. I am currently developing a teacher training module regarding the use of OER for teachers in the Dominican Republic. I am currently brainstorming to see how it could be possible to use Wikieducator for that project and by doing so both help the growth of WikiEducator and help teachers develop skills that can later empower their students and help increase their contributions to education and society. --Alfonso Sintjago 10:37, 20 February 2012 (UTC)

Creating Hyperlinks!

Some of my favorite external links:

MITx Certificate Project (
Open Courseware Consortium (
Wikieducators and the Open Education Resource University (
Connexions - (
University of the People (
Invisible Learning (

Dont forget to visit the website for Open Education Week 2012! (

Some of my favorite internal links:

Where one can find the different definitions of OER - Defining_OER

Having a strong understanding of "Copyright" is very important for young generations - Copyright

When thinking of Copyright do not forget the importance of using Creative Commons Licenses - Creative Commons

Learning4Content - "Learning4Content"

Venezuela (Venezuela) and the Dominican Republic (Dominican Republic

Soon --- Minnesota?

Some of my favorite interwiki links

Interwiki Abbreviation (Example) Test Cool Link
Wikipedia w:Platypus and w:Dog Platypus and Dog
Wikibooks b:Biology Biology (Does not exist)
Wikiversy v:Openness Openness (Could have more content)
Wikiquote q:Martin_Luther_King Martin Luther King (Great role model)
Wikimedia mw:MediaWiki MediaWiki