Showdown at the food pyramid

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  • "Showdown at the food pyramid" By: Rex Barron.
Read this book aloud after the kids have learned about what to keep their teeth strong. Before reading the book, have the kids write down a list of their daily food schedules. What they eat, when they eat, and how much of a food they eat. After they do this, read this book and talk about why they were all fighting about who should be at the top of the pyramid. This will open discussion about what food is better for you and which foods are not so good! After this discussion, have the kids look at their daily food schedules. Ask them if they think there is anything they should change. Perhaps it may be intaking a little less junk food, and a little more fruits. This is will be a good way for students to actually look at what they are eating. Try to convinve children to think of this when they think they have had to much sugar or too much junk food some days. In a few days or over the weekend, have the children keep track of what they eat. When they bring it to calss they can see if they are doing a good job with eating healthy, or maybe they need a little more practice. They will also be able to know see what sugar and other top of the pyramid foods can do to their bodies! This can be associated with Blooms taxonomy because the kids are recalling the knowledge they learned from a hands on experience. When they analyze their schedules they will be able to recall from the book as well as fromt he experiment what foods are good and bad. The synthesis to this activity will be their NEW schedule they did for homework. They look at it and see if it has changed which can show growth in them and trying to apply what they learned about food and how it effects them physically.
This literary activity relates to What eggsactly is good for your teeth?
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Produced by students in Biology in Elementary Schools, a Saint Michael's College class.
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