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Listening is a very important skill which we are using at the daily life. We are improving our listening skills every day.

When a person is listening to music, teachers, radio, or anything else, it means that all of his attention is focus about it.

A lot of people confusing between listening and hearing, but the different between them is huge. While hearing is not necessary includes remembering and understanding, listening is all about that. There is a lot of ways to listen, and each person, by ware or not, uses what is best for him. The most common listening technique is to look at the person who talks, and be focus. Another technique is to write the important things were said.


High Holidays

Rosh Hashana

Rosh Hashana, the first holiday, was very exciting. Personally, I love holidays, when all family members get together. This year we got together at my perents house. My perants are very religious people, so this year I decided that I will respect them and join them to the synagogue. Rosh Hashana`s prayer is beautiful, everyone are ssking forgiveness for their sins. The most beautiful part of the prayer is the shofar blowing, to open sky gates.


Yom Kipur

Ten days after Rosh Hashna,