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Rosh hashana

Rosh Hashana (in Hebrew: ראש השנה) “beginning of the year” is celebrated the first and second day of Tishrei . It is the New Year of the spiritual Jew. Rosh Hashana along with Yom Kippur forms a Jewish tradition unit called “Yamim Noraim” days of repentance and introspection, balance of the acts and the conducted battles, of special plegaria and sensitivity.

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Yom Kippur

Yom Kippur,also know in English as the day of Atonement. Is the solme and important of the Jewish holidays. In yom kippur there are not radio or television broadcasts on yom kippur airports are shut down there is no public transportation and all shops and businessese are closed.

what we cant to in yom kippur?

A. we cant eat and drink.

B. we cant see television or radio.

c. we cant drive or go to do fun.

what we can do in yom kippur?

A. we can read a book.

B. we can speak

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sukot is the first real holiday of the season – holiday in the sense of a time of celebration, and holiday in the sense of the Hebrew word hag. On Sukot we leave our sturdy, permanent homes, and dwell in flimsy sukot – for seven days. What does it mean, to dwell? Most of all, it means to eat. Traditional Jews are not allowed to eat anything of significance outside of a suka, meaning bread or other products made from flour. And, of course, sleeping. Fortunately, hamista`er basuka patur mehasuka – one who is sorry in the suka is exempt from the suka. This is important in northern climates, which are often quite cold on sukot. But in Israel, many people do sleep in their suka. In fact, in Israel it’s usually a delightful time of year. On Sukot, more than any other holiday, we are obligated to be happy.




Applying for a Job as lawyer


International Book Sharing Project



Hi, My name is Sherly Cohen, and I am a 15 year old. I have lived Natanya all of my life. I have one brother and own sisters own part of my life is that I do a lot of competition, the Next year I want to go to France to see my family. I was born in France. And I moved to Israel when I have 3 months with my dad and mom and all my family stay In France. After that my parents come to Israel all my family come too and now all my family is her with my.


The situation in Israel is very difficult . The big problem is the Hamas organization . They launched every day for the last 8 years missiles and lately the situation has become even worse.

Israel has tried to resolve the situation by negotiating with the Hamas, but Israel had enough because they had no one to talk to. Israel doesn't want to harm innocent people. Hamas hasn't stopped the bombing and the killing in the south, therefore we had to respond and go into Gaza.

Hamas has kidnaped one of our soldiers. We started the war not only to stop the rockets, we did it also because we wanted to bring back our brother.

(Comment.gif: Excellent writing, Sherly. Thank you for sharing. --Nellie Deutsch 18:30, 4 January 2009 (UTC))

Support Israel

Cyber Angels

An insufficiently protected computer is at risk for damage by virus, Trojan or worms. The owner of an insecure computer is at risk for Identity Theft, Stalking/Harrassment, and legal action for crimes perpetrated by hackers. Understanding and implementing basic security and privacy measures for mine home can go a long way towards protecting my family, my finances, and my computer. Our parrents can be cuncered about the internet.because there is alot of sites that not for children.and there is no safe entrance to those sites. This program protects teens from getting to those sites.and by that the parrents feel safe about there kids. I can feel safe about mine computer and my files.because through the internet there are lots of hackers that put keylogers and trojan horses to your computer.and the problem is not just the computer,hackers are using those files to see id numbers and passwords for sites and even for bank acounts.I think that every body have to use this saftey program - cyber angels. (Comment.gif: Please use only your words and not copy from the Internet unless you add quotation marks and cite the url address. Thank you. --Nellie Deutsch 08:16, 18 February 2009 (UTC))


The hypnosis can help me when I am stressed before an exam or something else. Hypnosis can relax me,and make me feel more confident.The hypnosis can help me to do something that I afraid to do it or I dont have enough self-confidence,the hypnosis can help me with that and give me this courage and confidence. The hypnosis can help me learn faster for tests and more stuff.It can really help me to study. Hypnosis can help sick people.Can help people who sick in there soul and mind. But hypnosis might be dangerous too because it makes you do things against your will. It can harm you or make you to hurt someone else (Comment.gif: re-read the article to find out the truth about hypnosis --Nellie Deutsch 08:16, 18 February 2009 (UTC)).