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Holocaust: January 1933 shows Hitler the power in Germany.

Antisemitism racialism Lmidniot  become an official of the state. 

April 1933 Sorafim Nazis' in front of all the books written by Jews, the Jews during that period is no longer considered equal citizens is legal. Mftrim Jews in many places forbidden for Jews to serve in the army. Advertisers September 1935 the Nuremberg laws say that all human blood, which is a German citizen , and Reich was forbidden to marry Jews.

Since  1937  the Germans Dohhakim Jews from economic life in Germany. 
Since 1938 legal race started to spread to affect the order Austrian Jews' Koslovkih occupied by the Germans. Following this the Jews were deported from Austria as an initiative of Adolph Ayechman. 

On 9 November 1938 events occurred in one of the most difficult so-called "crystal night". This night of burning synagogues, shops and even Jews were murdered. The Germans gave Masrim mass confiscated the property of the Jews. On 1 September, Hitler invades Poland World War II breakthrough. Nazis taking over Poland when sitting on her as - 3 million Jews. Delimiters between the Nazis and the Jewish residents and other residents are separating them by a symbol Bbgdihm comes a yellow star or Star of David. The Nazis began to concentrate the Jews in closed (ghettos) one was the biggest ghettos in Warsaw. On 22 June 1941 the Soviet Union the Germans intruders. German special units begin mass destruction of Jews. This year, the Germans decided to exterminate the Jews of Europe. On 20 January 1942 Mtcnsim leaders Reich by the centers to organize the extermination operation in Europe. Nazi Party leaders meet to decide Bwanzh H"f tiara final "- the total extermination of the Jews in Europe. Major extermination camps were established in Poland, and Jews were all European countries occupied by the Germans, also established extermination Bmaidnak concentration camps, Auschwitz, Vsovibor, Bhlmno, Btrblinka. One of the ghettos ghetto talk about him, he sent this Slgto Warsh Nissnboim Rabbi and his family. A little about Rabbi Nissnboim. Rabbi was born in Tishrei, 1868 Bbovreusk , Bobrois , Bobruysk , White Russia. Learn Talmudic college Ooloz 'yen. Name association joined the Zionist secret "eternal Israel", with live Ohtiidd Nahman Bialik that exists suit Letters tight for many years. Htiidd with Rabbi Shmuel Mohlibr, influence was the first Secretary of the eastern movement founded in 1892, at Drosgnik. In 1905, visited the Land of Israel. Participated in the convention and did a lot for the Zionist Jewish National Fund. In 1917, began to edit the weekly "east" of the renewed movement of eastern Poland. Would initiate the establishment of the Beit Midrash rabbis "sophistry" in Warsaw, the establishment of the Department of Ultra-Orthodox Jewish National Fund and others. In summer 1937, was elected as President eastern Poland. At the beginning of the war was deported with his family, Rabbi Nissnboim Warsh ghetto and was involved in extensive public and making religious and educational. He donated the Jewish stance on horror supported the Jewish Resistance in the activity, not the Warrior, but intellectual, a teacher through the public. During the Holocaust, believing the mitzvah had to pass review: Can hallow his name and die a proud Jew? Or sanctify life and find the way to finesse them and save the stick your soul ? Msnto Rabbi was clear: Life Kiddush before. Haweib want to eliminate the Jewish life, we must prevent it from duty:-born rabbi Nissnboim following statement: "This is the hour of life and Kiddush Kiddush name in death. To demand the enemies the Jewish soul to sacrifice his name on the Kiddush, now requires the enemy Jewish body , and must protect him on the Jewish, to keep him. " Kibbutz Yitzhak wells is - where Rabbi Yitzhak Nissnboim.

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