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Sharing audio online - Podcasting

  • A podcast is the process of downloading an audio or video file eg MP3 file, MP4 file from the internet to your PC or MP3 player.
  • Visit this link for a video about What is Podcasting
  • Visit this link to view an Elluminate recording about Podcasting - The Technology. This session is 60 minutes long.
  • Podcasting is an amalgum of the word broadcast and ipod. You do not need an 'ipod' to podcast, you can do everything with the free cross platform application 'itunes' and create the audio files using other software such as audacity.
  • Tutorial on How to Podcast by Jason Van Orden

Software for recording audio files

  • Audacity This software is needed in order to create an audio file and convert it to a compressed MP3 file for the internet.
  • Tutorial on How to Download Audacity
  • watch this video for instructions on how to download Audacity and Lame MP3 converter.
  • Here is an example of a short audio file I created after watching the above screen video about using this software. The trickiest part of using Audacity is figuring out the downloading of the file lame_enc.dII. First you must click on Download Lame MP3 Encoder. This will be saved to your computer (to the desktop maybe) as the zip file libmp3lame-win-3.97. Open this zip file then save the lame_enc.dII file to a convenient place on your computer. When you first use Audacity and record some audio you will want to save it by selecting Export as MP3. It is when doing this for the first time that you will be asked to find the lame_enc.dII file. Browse your computer and click on the file. You are now set to go, and will not need to repeat these steps again.
  • Once you’ve recorded your audio and converted it to MP3, then you need to upload it to the internet. For this you’ll need a file transfer program such as SmartFTP.

Summary; Here is the basic podcasting software you will need to get started.

  • Audio Recorder & Editor: Audacity
  • MP3 Encoder: LAME or iTunes
  • Media Player: iTunes (Download itunes) or Windows Media Player
  • File Transfer Software: SmartFTP (Download SmartFTP)

Recording Audio

Internet Tutorial Websites for Podcasting

Using Collaborative Videos Online

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