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EtniRag Online Journal



Edition #8

Etni Rag Needs You

We need articles on any topic related to second and foreign language learning specifically EFL/ESL or on integrating technology for an online journal for next week.

Writers Wanted


Edition #7

Issue #7


Welcome to Edition #7 of the Etnirag. You may think that we have been quiet, but in fact, David and I have been very busy locating writers for issue #7. Etnirag is becoming more and more popular with readers and writers from many parts of the world. Many international writers are interested in sharing their ideas on how to improve instruction and learning. Although the theme of the current issue is literature in the EFL classroom, many writers preferred to focus on writing. Writing seems to be gaining momentum due to the increasing number of bloggers and text chatting via instant messengers and other online web 2.0 tools such as facebook, twitter, myspace and so on. Are web 2.0 tools affecting best practices in writing? Is technology helping students improve their writing or destroying it? Research seems to indicate that online writing practice facilitates English writing (Armstrong & Retterer, 2008). Students are writing more, but will quantity lead to quality?

Please share your thoughts on the current and future of electronic writing.

Thank you.

Nellie Deutsch

Armstrong, K. & Retterer, O. (2008). Blogging as L2 Writing: A case study. AACE Journal. 16 (3), 233-251.