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How it works :

Biogas is a combustible gas created by anaerobic digestion of biological material manure,sewage,green waste,abattoir waste and landfill waste. For this reason,biogas is a type of biofuel. It is composed primarily of methane(60-70%) and carbon dioxide(20-30%) which can be captured and used for heating. The process I used is relatively simple and inexpensive. First,waste material is fed into a biogas digester made up of one or more sealed reservoirs where bacteria metabolize the waste and produce a methane rich gas and a nitrogen an odourless posphorous sludge which is s great fertilizer. The digester was made out of metal and bricks.

It tkes from 5-25 days to process a batch of waste.


  • Environmentally freindly

        - Biogas is a sustainable alternative to using firewood or charcoal for coking and heating. Therefore its use can help reduce deforestation and resulting environmental damage such as loss of ecosystems,species an poor air quality.

       - Biogas captures the green house gases such as carbon dioxide and methane that naturally result from decomposition of waste,thus preventing them from entering the atmosphere. Methane is 23 times more potently harmful greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide,a well known culprit of climate change.

  • Simple and inexpensive technology.

      Making a small biodigester can cost as little as $45 and the materials are easily obtainable.

  • Safe for Health

      - Using Biogas decreases indoor wood burning and improves air quality.poor indoor air quality can lead to respiratory and many other health complications such as low birth weight,asthmaetc especially fro the women and children that cook.

       - The "slurry", by product of Biogas production used as a fertilizer is free of live pathogens found in untreated waste and hence is safer. 

  •    Improves sanitation

       - Diverting waste for biogas use leads to improved sanitation.

  •  Better than other Biofuels

       - Biogas is simpler and cheaper to use than ethanol or other Biofuels. Additionally,the making of Biogas does not hinder food supply in any way since it does not use processing of food items.