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Randy S. Fisher is a communications and digital marketing specialist. He has a keen interest in facilitating change and stakeholder engagement to bring people and communities together for mutual benefit, learning and continuous improvement. Since 2008, one of his online identities has been 'WikiRandy' - responsible for building the Commonwealth of Learning / community of 30,000+ educators in 120 countries with a focus on developing, remixing and re-using open education resources (OERs); diagnosing fear and resistance to changes in technology and systems and the impact on performance and career development; and exploring new models of digital learning, collaboration and publishing. andy has an MA in Organization Management and Development (Fielding); a post-graduate degree in journalism (University of King's College); and a BA in Political Science (McGill). He also holds a certification in advanced technology management. He began his career as a journalist in Canada with the Globe and Mail, Financial Post and CBC Radio. In his spare time, he teaches seniors about computers; enjoys yoga, biking and racewalking and takes his dog Maggie to Colonial Park.