After the massage

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After the Massage

In the post-treatment period, the therapist needs to

  • Write up session notes
  • Provide post-treatment suggestions
  • Rebook the client if appropriate
  • Indicate to the client that the session is finished.

Write up session notes

While your client is preparing themselves to return to the world and dressing, you have an opportunity to write notes on the session. In this time you should record what you've noticed and felt, anything signficant that the client said during the treatment, any results that you've noticed, and your impression of what you should focus on in future sessions.

Post-treatment Suggestions

We will consider post-treatment suggestions in depth later in the course. For now, it's good to recommend that your client drinks at least one full glass of water following the treatment to help the wastes that you've moved out of the tissues move right through and out of the body.

Rebooking Clients

Becoming skilled at rebooking clients is essential for the success of your business. Many people find this difficult. You need to value the service that you provide to people, and recognise that they will have the most benefit from the service if they come for regular treatments.

Again, we will consider this in some depth later in the course


Sometimes saying goodbye to the client may be socially difficult. Having a closing ritual is a useful way to signal to the client that the session is finished. An example of such a ritual follows

  • After rebooking, you talk to the client about how today's session went
  • Offer them your best wishes over the period until you see them again
  • Say that you're looking forward to working with the client again and state the date of the session
  • Extend your hand for a warm handshake (signally closure)

Consider what you will do to indicate to your client that the session is finished.

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