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GED Online Homework for Irregular Verbs

Exercise A: Choose the correct past tense for each sentence below:

1. (teach) Mrs. Finch _____________ kindergarten last year.

2. (like) When I was a kid, I never __________ spicy food.

3. (catch) My son ____________ a big fish on his camping trip.

4. (dry) After supper, he _________ the dishes.

5. (read) They _________ two stories in class last week.

6. (become) Shara __________ much stronger after her training.

7. (turn) When Sam got to Ranier Street, he ____________ the corner.

8. (leave) My brother ____________ his backpack at the bus stop.

9. (have) In the "old days", most people ____________ no electricity.

10. (freeze) The lake ____________ very early last winter.

11. (say) Juan ___________ that he would join the union.

12. (shop) The teenagers ______________ all day last Saturday.

Exercise B: Choose the right verb from the choices shown in the brackets:

  1. She (lied, laid, lay) on the red air mattress.
  2. The two accountants (set, sit, sat) down and got straight to work.
  3. The moon (raised, rose) very early last night.
  4. Sachi (lied, laid, lay) a place for his sister at the table.
  5. The gorilla (set, sit, sat) her baby carefully on the pile of leaves.

Mail your homework to your tutor when you are ready. For more information on how to send in your homework, click here. Return to lesson on Irregular Verbs

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