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Opinion poll on the subject of physics teaching in a wiki

On 23.11.2007, approximately 2 months after the start of the project

Classes 10K and 11B, a total of 37 students

Call numbers:

So far, the students teaching the script Mechanics on average about 11 times from home called. The call numbers vary a lot from students to students, said several times at 3, some 20 or more.

Fun factor:

Almost all students, the reading of texts from Mechanics11 makes almost fun, at least some will find it ok, is the only one that is no fun. Some note explicitly that the lyrics are better than the textbook. Also, the active participation in the Wiki well received: Most students find that the letter in the Wiki fun, but few deny that the letter or find cumbersome. Even the creation of graphics makes the pupils of fun!

Self-assessment of their own capabilities in editing:

The own capabilities for editing are set: All except one are now in a position, even texts into Wiki. What mathematical calculations, three-quarters of students believe that they are in a position to take Wiki, ¼ thinks not. Likewise, their own abilities when creating graphics set. And on the question of whether they Wiki capabilities to expand even further, says the majority of students, yes.

Translation in English:

On exceptionally large consent meets the project "English translation". All up to 3 students will find it useful.

Tell your friends:

Around three-quarters of pupils has already been a friend of yours from our wiki project told, about half of his own parents.

The project "poster for Cambodia" will find many a good idea.


The project physics lessons at the wiki comes to the students remarkably well. Because the interest is still more to learn, it will be continued.