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machine translation

Online teaching script in a Wiki

Benefits for the teacher

  1. The work with the Wiki's fun.
  2. The lesson script is reusable.
  3. Once held teaching disappears is not in a drawer, but remains alive.
  4. The preparation of the script causes a reflection of teaching and a clarification of the contents.
  5. Asynchronous learning will be encouraged. For example, students provide solutions to old tasks.
  6. Since the students are solving write pages, it must not do everything alone, but gets support.
  7. The once work is potentially of international importance. This is meaningful. The effort is worthwhile.
  8. A Wiki is a "social software". It is open to the world and promotes teamwork, even among teachers.
  9. WikiEducator aims to learning in the so-called developing countries. This is the work Wiki potentially a personal development aid.
  10. Since working with a wiki for the students well and, promotes and facilitates the teaching process.
  11. It can be a Wiki author a name.
  12. As part of Web 2.0, the total wikis still important. Examples: 1.Wikipedia, 2 Everywhere new wiki projects. As a Wiki author is a man so at the time.
  13. Author in a Wiki is to be a creative process, the positive impact on the work as a teacher can ever have.
  14. Own thoughts in the global educational efforts of the whole mankind fed.
  15. WikiEducator was recently voted best educational Wiki Award. The number of participants will continue to grow.
  16. By working in a Wiki is potentially the professional isolation of the teacher alleviated.
  17. Loss of data on your own PC? No problem, the material is stored externally in the Wiki.
  18. Fear of vandalism by students or other malicious Wiki user is unfounded.
  19. Have the students once the capabilities for editing a Wiki acquired, it is always pointed back, for example, in another subject.
  20. Although the letter generated a constant current teaching scripts a conscience pressure to perform, but it can also be seen as a motivating. Ideal: The script prior to the lesson and then write yet. Then optimal interaction between teaching and Wiki work. And the teacher has written still fresh in the mind.
  21. The work in the wiki profitable better if the same classes.
  22. The work of a student can be in the Wiki protocol exactly.

Disadvantages for the teacher

  1. The creation of Wiki pages is cumbersome and requires a lot of time, but with increasing exercise easier and faster.
  2. The MediaWiki Wikis have not yet WYSIWYG editor. Learning the MediaWiki syntax required! (At least 1 hour), however, there is now MediaWiki Adds On for OpenOffice, the editing easier. Rich Text editors are in the works.
  3. So far, no compensation for the creation of Wiki pages.
  4. The uploading not Create material is hampered by copyright.
  5. To the students the basics of editing a Wiki teach is teaching time is necessary.
  6. For the students regularly work in the wiki is a permanent occupancy of the computer space required, for example, once a week. The lessons must be matched accordingly.
  7. The lesson script should always up to date. That creates a certain amount of pressure to perform.

Benefits for the students

  1. The students can use the tuition script at any time, for the teacher.
  2. The students get printouts of the script to the filing. In the expression may be into.
  3. The text of the script are very unterrichtsnah and understandable and always up to date.
  4. The script does not contain any material that is not relevant.
  5. The work with the school will be replaced, the book must not in the classroom are welcome.
  6. The notes in the classroom is not necessarily needed. (In practice, it is but for educational reasons, and is recommended by the students also practiced.)
  7. The solution filling in the pages motivated to work.
  8. Handouts to units can be set to Wiki. The teacher took the expression or the copy on film.
  9. The teaching material in any place with Internet access at any time.
  10. Through the active translation in English, the specialized vocabulary in English and the Germans practiced.
  11. Learning with the computer is for most students generally attractive, regardless of the educational content.
  12. The in teaching skills for editing a Wiki are far beyond the classroom also usable.
  13. To learn, in passing a Wiki is "empowerment". It is about the ability to take an active part in a free, democratic knowledge society.

Disadvantages for the students

  1. Students who do not like to work on the computer, are unmotivated. These are but a few, experience.
  2. The time for learning editing is based on the teaching time for the subject. It is known from experience to about 5 lessons.

My motivation as a trainer

  1. The work in the wiki gives me pleasure.
  2. I personally have a strong desire to "development aid" in the education field.
  3. It is to me about my personal contribution to a more just world: In many countries young people have insufficient educational opportunities. The Learning with Computers and the Internet opens up many new possibilities.
  4. Hence all the texts of the teaching in English script translated, and are therefore as Open Educational Resource (OER) to the world without restriction.
  5. The project is also for my own professional development of value. For example, this is my lesson anew again reflected and questioned.

I would be at any time, even later, on new Wiki colleagues happy.

--White Eagle 17:15, 5 February 2008 (CET)