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Second Life is an online world (MMO, MUVE)

Everything in second life is user-generated (created by its users or the people who play the game)

Second Life can be used as a tool (Machinma, tutorial making)

Cyber Reconstruction of Shakespeare's Globe Thatre

Renaissance Island was created in Feb 2007 by a group of dedicated historians that envisioned what life during Tudor times would be. They collaborated to form a group that would take on roles of parish members that in this era would have lived such as what you will see. They created objects to allow visitors to interact and feel how life would have been in Tudor times. Don't be surprised if you see King Henry VIII, or Queen Bess, herself, as our sim covers the entire 16th period. Of course you shouldn't see them at the same time, but depending on our events, one or the other shall bestow their graces and blessings to their parish.

One of the creations of this group is a cyber-reconstruction of the Globe Theatre London (and indeed is very close the physical reconstruction rebuilt in London recently).

They are planning to produce extracts of Shakespeare's plays in this environment.

Renaissance Island, Renaissance Island (116, 89, 26)

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