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Screener is a web based screen recorder which is used to create screencasts. It is a simple tool as no installation or download is required. It is not an open source software but is available as a freeware. It can record the processes on your Macintosh or Microsoft Windows.


Screener also enables creation of videos of processes as Jing discussed earlier. It helps you record tips, tricks and any other thing you want to share with the world. It supports sharing on socialnetworking tools like twiter and facebook. You may use it to create tutorials and then embed in your blog or other places. It may also be used for demonstration and showcasing new products ar applications.

How it Works? Screener is easy as you need not install or downlaod the application on to your PC. Go to [ Screener website]. You can launch the screen recorder and it may ask for java updates . It opens a screen capture size and allows to move and resize the frame.

Screener recording page

Once sure of the frame size, click on red record button to capture the movements and activities on your screen . Voice recording for commentary is also supported. Once finished press the done button or 'alt +D'. The video is available for preview and can be easily shared over web. You may access your screencasts by logging in through any of the accounts of twiter, facebook, google, yahoo, Linkedin, Windows live ID.


  1. It is online applictaion easy to use.
  2. Works on Mac and windows
  3. Screencast along with commentary is recorded and once finished can be shared over web.
  4. It is freeware enablig record lenghth of 5 minutes.
  5. Widely used with many e-learning community associated with it.


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