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ScreenToaster was an easy to use online screen recording tool which enabled the users to record the desktop screen activity in one click. It was web based and therefore, no download or install on computer was required. It worked across the three main operating systems -Windows, Mac and Linux.The process for making a video or “toasting a screen” in the site’s parlance was an easy process. Once your video was ready,your recording was made available online within seconds to share it via email or embed on your blog immediately.

ScreenToaster recently closed it’s service leaving a gap in the applications as it provided a way to record your computer screen as you were working away with a powerpoint for example,audio or even video. Another service called Screencast-o-matic is available in free and pro versions. The free version allows 15 minutes recording and hosting whereas pro version has many more features.Other alternatives to Screentoaster are also available for you to explore

You may watch the following videos to learn how to work on the Screentoaster and Screencast-o-matic.


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