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Science Newsletter editor in the making!

Topic: Evaluating websites

Decide on your goal: Students will understand the process of evaluating a website.

Define your task: The science teacher at Clearview High School has created a blog for the Form 4 Science students. She wants you to be a part of the editorial committee for a health section called “Top three websites of the month.” Your teacher has asked you to find useful three websites about the following topics: (1) Stress (2) Smoking (3) Caffeine

She has given you a rubric to assess the websites using the following criteria: • Accuracy (Who is author (s)/what is the institution (s) responsible for creating/writing the website? What is the domain?) • Authority (Are the qualifications/credentials of the author (s) listed?) o Example is the Internet Public Library ( The information uploaded onto the website is done so by library & information science students from a consortium of universities and colleges are responsible for maintaining the website. • Objectivity (What is the goal of the website? Is there an underlying agenda/bias, e.g. is it to advertise a product/service? Is it to provide more than one perspective? Is it objective?) • Currency (Does the website provide information about the date/time that it was updated or when it was created?) o Example: If you visit the website for the National Library of Medicine ( and you scroll down to the bottom right hand corner, you will see the dates for when the website was first published, as well as when it was updated.

Process: • Use the search engine, Google™ • Type the below-mentioned keywords into the search box: o Stress o Smoking o Caffeine • Review the first 10 search results for each keyword. • Use the rubric to assess each of the first 10 websites.

Final web resources: You are required to compile a list of websites about smoking, stress and caffeine and write 1-2 sentences explaining your reasons for recommending/not recommend the websites to fellow students. This information would be uploaded to the blog by the student.