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Activity Nodal person/Agency Target Date
Preparation of draft proposal Pankaj and Uma 20th July 2007
Final proposal Pankaj and Uma & Mohan, Som 31st July 2007
Identifying academics (3 from each school) from School of Studies offering professional programmes Uma and Pankaj 10th August 2007
Planning Meeting at Bangalore Mohan to Coordinate (Som, Pankaj and Uma will participate) 18th and 19th August 2007
Formulation of teams and commencement of online discussions Pankaj, Uma & Som 23rd August 2007
Identification of target Subjects and or Topics by teams. Definition of key learning competencies that need to be developed among learners Som will help through emails 31 August
Developing of key competencies and learning outcomes Som will help through emails All of September
Orientation workshop on SBL in Delhi Lead Resource by Som; Assisted by Uma and Pankaj October 1-5, 2007
Development of Scenarios by teams (Using COLs WikiEducator) All participants All of October 2007
First draft in to Som via WikiEducator All participants 31st October 2007
Editing feedback and further refinements (On the WikiEducator) Som to all participants Nember and December
Second revision workshop Som January 2008
Language and subject content editing Som (Assistant) End of January
Final Review of Write-up and editing Som Middle of February
Publication and its distribution COL/IGNOU February & March