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I have one motto about WE : Spread the word!!!

We need WE in India if we are to give access to education to the teaming millions.

  • I have been pro-actively engaged in several activities to promote Wikieducator in India and have conducted several workshops and spoken at several fora.
  1. Feb. 2007 spoke at the Conference for Teacher educators about WE
  2. October 2007 - South Campus Delhi University at an eLearn meeting presented WE
  3. November 2007 - WE presented to my colleagues in college
  4. July 2008 - Presented a paper based on WE at PCF5.
  5. Conducted two parallel f2f workshops for 34 participants
  6. At a seminar on 'Knowledge Commons' spoke about WE
  7. Scheduled 2 more f2f workshops
  • Identify and promote individuals who would understand WE and its philosophy