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OLPC Philippines

OLPCPH 323 A. Luna Street, Concepcion Baliuag, Bulacan 3006 Philippines ~User:Wenmi01

Sathj1 19:48, 24 September 2008 (UTC)

[edit] XO Satellite 2007 September 16 • A satellite design idea by Thomas/tcjnet - please check ~wenmi01 [edit] Sugar HackFest 2007 2007 September 11 • Sugar HackFest 2007 - ~wenmi01 [edit] Reports Please sort from newest to the least current. [edit] The TRUTH Behind 2007, September 10 OLPC PH is a great project with a great purpose... educating our children to have a better future and economy, to give them better life - a meaningful life. But doing this task is so hard (I'm a hacker who loves overcoming limits and solve difficult problems but I still find it so difficult with our situation today)... The truth behind this project : "Only two people working full time... and we can't feel that other people is helping us." I don't believe that we lack Filipino hackers that have a noble heart that will help this project. We have enough content developers, but we don't have enough technical developers! Both of rowen and I are programmer and system analyst, but doing all the technical part, specially this project is just starting, is a big task for us... I don't want to be hypocrite to say that we don't feel over burn and sometimes feel discourage - thank God "quiting" is not in our database. Guys if you have a dream for better future for our country please help us. If you are a programmer, computer engineer, IT expert, GNU/Linux user group, teachers, students, parents... we need everyone's help! Lets show the true meaning of BAYANIHAN! If you want something, be part of that something! If you want to help, if you could help... But I know you can... please help us. Please feel free to email me at : timhack007 (at) gmail (dot) com . -Tim

[edit] OLPCPH SoCon & Status Reports 2007 September 07 Summer of Content in the OLPCPH has started as it was stated on the SoCon Schedule. A lot of Content has been developed and deployed for integrating to a later schoolserver. XOL files or XO files will be created soon for these content. Demo/presentation for OLPC Project to the Philippines has been created so that the XO machine can self run on its own demoing the XO machine. Today I've seen how the popularity of the XO machine is moving onwards. I'm seeing more people are interested on the OLPC Project. Tim had showed the B4 machine and showed the applications on console he just ported to XO machine, by the end of the Sept 14, activities will be moved on to the next level. More XO Activities will be released and a possibility of a Sugar Build that will be targeted to complement and show some improvements that can be implemented on the XO machine. In OLPCPH we don't usually report on a website since Tim has limited access to internet, that's why most of the part on testing build was done by me. More often the internet connection even on DSL connection is somewhat not that good to do a quick download of builds. It took me a day or two to get a build to be able to test it. I test the build on a B2-1. Tim's B4 has been loaded of different development stuff and in that we can share some task at some point of time. I usually meet Tim once a week and spend time about setting the project's direction in the OLPCPH. September 07, 2007 - one B2-1 has been bricked, due to the lack of the debricking tool ( the serial adapter ) this XO machine will be sent back to 1CC. Linux Porting has been an essential part of the SoCon activities, by next we should have released our improved version of sugar. For helping us please affix necessary links where we can gather necessary information on hardware. We're on improving Sugar and making cross compatibility across versions of XO machine including B2-1s. ~User:Wenmi01 / Rowen

________________________________________ [edit] Team Lead Instructions [edit] Tim Work with build completion and content acquisition. [edit] Mel OLPC in Boston [edit] Sandeep Government communication [edit] James C & Python memory optimization - daemon based [edit] Romelsa [edit] Divine [edit] Hermie [edit] Miscellaneous [edit] Goals Education Discipline System Technology Progress [edit] Definition • What is OLPC Philippines? It is an education project in the Philippines aiming to initiate the change of education and improving people's lives, one child at a time. • OLPC Philippines is like Fedora Core, an open community. • How about Commercial like Red Hat? Yes we have commercial counterpart that serve IT services, if OLPCPH cannot get its sponsors, the commercial/business counterpart of OLPC Philippines will kick off serving IT services including Linux and support services in order to support the project and in cases where business counterpart are needed for implementation. • OLPC Philippines/OLPCPH - open community, non-profit • OLPCPH Enterprise - business counterpart for OLPCPH for serving mass number of deployments, this won't affect the rule that content for children should be free, it is only a way of funding this children's education project when sponsors don't come in when they are needed the most; • It is also indicated that OLPCPH Ent will help in creating IT jobs and setting standards of such jobs [edit] Report, Forum & Ideas • Put your ideas, reports here: OLPC_Philippines:Report • Forum: [edit] OLPCPH favorite sites • OLPC Philippines • Category:Hardware • Category:Activities • Power_Management • Tutorials • API_Reference • • Installing_Debian_as_an_upgrade • Installing Fedora Core • • Quotes • - OLPC Dev FAQ • - laptop space for XO, Online Stores and more • http://www.philnits.org Tool • http://orgmode.org Some developer site • Sugar HackFest 2007 testing the XO machine • Test_issues • Test_Group_Release_Notes • User_Stories_Testing • install adobe player • play this flash video webdav repository • webdav related - windows • ham radio • Server Tool • [edit] Scheduled Tasks OLPCPh / XOPH Project Malaya- ED_HW_SW (B2-1 COMPATIBILITY is also our target to support developers) Linux Porting and Developing Educational Software Project Manager: Rowen / User:Wenmi01 • Aug 4 - B4 was lent to Tim • Aug 5 - Project Starts (3wks/6wks) • Aug 11 - Demos /Presentation ready (squeakers train and develop) 5 squeakers • Aug 12 - (linux porting begins/sugar/hw tweaks) • Aug 18 - meeting for the XOPH Team with other Malaya members • Aug 19 - Squeak ABC trainer game (1/2), preparation for sponsors • Aug 22 - Sugar fixes, patches, memory managers, cpu schedulers, optimizers (PLANNED for B2-1 XO) • Aug 24 - Launching is being planned on how to make a little trial pilot launch. 4 developer machines will be used for starting point, we will then send 20 XOs to a pilot school. • Aug 25 - 2 B2-1 machines ( machines for big demo) - Emulation too being planned / sugar puppy / sugar dsl - LINUX • Aug 26 - 2 B2-1 machines (installed latest Stable OS) Squeakers meeting; OLPCPH will be closing negotiation to have hardware for deploying a test XS XO Schoolserver • Sept 1 - Squeak ABC Trainer (full) / Name Registration of OLPCPH should be official recognized • Sept 2 - (linux porting ends/sugar/hw tweaks) presentation stuff ready • Sept 7 - Presentation of OLPC project to an organization • Sept 8 - Curriculum / Education check • Sept 9 - Launch / booth/ demo/presentation • Sept 10-Oct 1 - OLPC Philippines will implement education and technology awareness campaign. • Sept 12 - Additional team wants to register for Manila Curriculum Jam; Linux porting will be planned. • Sept 19 - Build creation of a Sugar UI from OLPCPH under design • Sept 22 - restructuring of the build design from OLPCPH • Sept 25 - initial building • Oct 5-7 -Curriculum Jam 2007 Manila • Negotiation to DepEd and other Government level for OLPC implementation - Accomplished • Sept 8 - a beta self running demo of OLPC was available. received contents for education, will be edited for XO1 Machine, will be tested on a B2-1 for speed; we have a dead B2-1 (bricked machine) • Aug 31 - 95% of Tagalog content for the English dictionary • Aug 21 - 80% of Tagalog content from English dictionary done. Tim received a B4 with yellow logo. • Aug 18-19 - Dictionary for OLPC, Tagalog content from English, Japanese content too was included. • Aug 11 - Finished a Beta 1.1 version of the OLPC PH demo page, B4 was returned to Rowen - Noted that a B2-1 lent to Tim will be used by Tim for hardware and Linux development of Sugar - Plans were arranged for creating smaller teams of developers and some volunteers - B2-1 will be asked for access and Sugar will be emulated on Virtual Box • Aug 6 - Tim introduce and demonstrate B4 to ACSAT(Baliuag,Bulacan) Professors and IT students. • Aug 5 - Tim is starting to make the Malaya GLUG OLPC XO Demo-page. Official OLPCPH Developers under Developer's Program (those with machines): - Rowen - Tim - Others for pending or those who haven't contacted us yet - Like this OLPC Peru is a good way to start: [OLPC Peru's pictures @ Flickr®.com ] - Another list of presentation Laptop demonstrations [edit] Machines OLPCPH has the following machines and their functions: • B2-1 - build 406.15 on NAND, (q2c18) Rom:None Bricked Machine SHF7050013F; assigned for use by a professor Florante S. Iral teaching Education Major Subjects, future spokesperson for school deployment of XO. • B2-1 - assigned to testing of latest build on NAND and development, Rowen • B2-1 - assigned for testing with build 406.15 on NAND q2c18 • B4 -assigned for demo and presentation of XO machine, including testing and development, Rowen. build 547 on NAND, q2c18 / q2c11 for running build 406 • Rowen carries usb card reader and 1GB SD - build 406, q2c11 • B4 - assigned to Tim for programming, linux porting and promotion. build 406.15 on NAND, q2c25 • we have 2/3 working B2-1 and 2/2 B4 machine Other Machines: Machine expectation, these machines are hopefully near the production version. NOTE: OLPCPH does not sell machines unless those requesting body made commitment to order and pay for the XO Machines. OLPCPH will do negotiation to OLPC for deployment of these educational machines. As noted an order of 1000 machine will be considered good but better if it's a 100,000 of it. • 5 Additional Developer XO Machines' Allocation: (to be received)

- will be assigned to developer group
- will be assigned for mesh/collaboration test and developing activities with collaboration support
- will be assigned to build test and development
- will be assigned to school server image or an online server for developers
- B2-1,  B4/other mesh interoperability, performance tuning.
- developer keys, debricking tools

• 20 Machines (to be received)

- These machines will be sent to a pilot school.
- These machines will show the importance of XO machine to education
- Feedback will be gathered and how these machines improved education

[edit] Launching To be able to launch we have to order 250,000 to 1M XO machines. Philippine launch plan • This launching will be helped by performing demos and giving presentations. OLPC Philippines are hoping for the next 4 more developer machines. These machines will be used for the working groups and designed as accessible hardware for them to access, test, develop their software and will also be sent to them during promotion and OLPC to Government negotiation process. • Pilot school is under selection and this project is under preparation. 20 XOs will be used by a pilot school soon.

________________________________________ [edit] Backup of Curriculum Jam Manila October 5-7, 2007 Friday, October 5 == • 5pm - attendees arrive; mingling, getting settled • 7pm - dinner, Introduction to the Jam • 7:30pm - Kickoff! Work begins. • 8-10pm - Attendee-run tutorials, discussions (optional) Saturday, October 6 == • 9-10am - Breakfast available • 12-1pm - Lunch, 1-min stand-up presentations by teams on progress • 5-7pm - Dinner available • 7-10pm - Attendee-run tutorials, discussions (optional) • Midnight - Hot Chocolate break (...lemonade, tea, coffee also available for non-chocolate fans) Sunday, October 7 == • 9-10am - Breakfast available • 11am - Teams begin setting up their test rooms • 12-1pm - Lunch available • 12-1pm - Judges (local schoolchildren and teachers) arrive • 1-1:20pm - Judges orientation (judges only) • 1:20-1:30pm - Judging kickoff (all attendees) • 1:30-3:30pm - Judging! (2 sessions of 45 minutes, 15 minute transitions between sessions) • 3:30-4pm - Feedback session (attendees only) • 3:30-4pm - Votes and counting (judges only) • 4pm - Final ceremonies: Announcement of winners, presentation of projects • 4:30-6pm - Departure (and subsequent clean-up party) Click here to go back to the main Manila Curriculum Jam page. Retrieved from ""