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Applying for a Job

My name is Shachar Levy. I'm 49 years old and I want to apply for a job in a regular butchery.

In my past career I was first cutting cat tails as a Vet Assistent, and since then it just really turned me on!

To cut, to see flesh and bones hanging on a cold metalic table, to smell those good ribs - Those things did the trick for me,by first purifying my soul and body ; and secondly made me washing my hands after(you know - hygienics).

I just know this job would let me reach the best out of me; Plus - I keep on a great diet which makes me healthier and stronger, and I'm preety good-looking stud, which certainley does the job and highlighting my charisma. The charisma surley does matter when it comes to situations when a cow looks at you with those sad eyes which melts your heart out. But that charisma would have me knowing she would die with a good mood, because she will remember my adorable face looking at her, putting my spell on her before she would soon know she's gonna die.

So please! Please apply me for that job, and I promise to do my best as a butcher!

Thanks, Shachar.

First and Third Conditional Senteces

First Conditional

1.If you tell me to lower my voice, I'll be more quiet.

2.If I come home, I'd like to have a good meal.

3.If you call me, I'll call you back later.

4.If you wish to make me angry, I'll hunt you down for the rest of your life.

5.If I find this place nice, I'll buy it.

6.If you don't listen, you will get it all wrong.

7.If you behave unpleasantly, you may get disqulified from school.

Third Conditional

1.I could have gone crazy, If I hadn't took those pills.

2.If I had found that you cheat me, I would have killed you.

3.I could have ran you over, If I hadn't stopped the car.

4.If I had to shoot the enemy, I would have donw that in style.

5.If I had that happened, you would have told me to make it happen again.

6.If I had that cooked up, you would have been angry at me.

7.You would have kissed me, If I had bought it for you.

To Introduce Myself...In front of people I don't know

Hi, I'm Shachar Levy and I turned 17. I live in Netanya, Israel. I have two brothers, one is older and the other is younger than me.

As for pets - I have 6 cats (4 kitties).

Since I'm a Gamer - I don't do much except from playing games on the computer and reading books. Sometimes in between studying and taking care of other things, I hang out with my friends and play even more on Consoles like PS3 :).

These days I look forward to pass the theory exam of Driving. Here In Israel, you have to pass this test and after that you need to look for a driving teacher. When you pass 28 lessons you need to take part in an inner test drive and then in an External test drive. This process usually takes months, and It's not as simple as in the U.S.

Anyway, I would like to here more about you guys? What do you do in your spare time and such?

CU Later, Shachar.

How to use Wikieducator

1.First register and login.

2.From the right, there you have the navigation bar in which you choose your category.

3.Click on your username in upper right corner, and then you'll have your way to the edit area - click edit and write whatever you like.

4.Type "==" for a headline and "===" for a subline.

5.In oreder to get synchronized with Wikieducator please make sure you have checkboxed "E-mail" in "My preferences".

6.Explore wikieducator for information and have a good time!

Using U.S. - Israel Forum

1.Enter this url

2.From the left navigation bar choose "Highschool".

3.Enter Username and password.

4.Choose your highschool from the list for you own case.

5.Choose any of the discussion forums you like.

6.Click on "new topic" to make a new topic, and write whatever you like.

7.Enter your name, School and once you have finished to write your contents hit "Send" and there you go!

How To Get an Idea of a Book Without Reading It Completly

Start with reading the first two chapters.

Then, try to harvest the atmosphere out of the story by asking yourself questions like: "What do I read?" "What's happening?" "How do people treat the main character and how does he treat the others?" "What does the main character feel?"

- Once answering those questions, you'll get the main Idea of the story, and all of that is without reading it deeply!

Hypnosis : How can it help me

Hypnosis is a method of getting control of a person's mind. Doctors are using this method to heal people's problems by accessing their subconscious ; It makes the client more relaxed than he was before the treatment.

I think this Hypnosis can help me by decreasing the stress I have in those stressfull times of exams and tasks, so I'll be more focoused and will succeed.

Rather than that, my soul and body will be healed and I'll be more healthy and will increase my quality of living.

In one sentence: Hypnosiscan be a way of making my life a peacefull experience!

Cyber Angels / Angels online

Cyber Angels supply a service of protecting website communities (Social networking). They defened people from unwanted contents to make the internet a safer place. The cyber angels program mainley protects teenagers and kids from the dangers in the online world by educating the users on how to surf the internet properly. I think this program can help me by preventing my access to doubtful websites and content, and educate me to surf in a more better and right way. Even tough, I'm not sure about the effectiveness of this program, because criminals can always find the way of harming your surfing, and they will alway be there no metter how much we will act to stop it (That's the truth).

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