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Oregon Curriculum Network: A Digital Mathematics

Sample Lesson Plans (Casino Math)

Vegetable Group Soup

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Gain appreciation for the group properties of finite sets of permutations.

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Understand that multiplication may be modulo some number (divide out the modulus, keep the reminder)


Experience with Permutations or Mappings might begin through playing the data structures in an interactive window, or with colored tokens such as marbles. Paper and pencil are often used, with letters or other common icons or glyphs used to represent members of the set.

Here we use Vegetables.

Flash Exhibit

You may want to turn down your speakers. There's an obnoxious sound track.

Vegetable Group Soup: A Multiplication Table

Pascal's Triangle

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Understand Python generators retain state between iterations.

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Understand an algorithm for iterating through successive rows of Pascal's Triangle.


Pascal's Triangle is of core relevance to Martian Math, as well as to Casino Math.

Here in Casino Math, we are aware off the Bell Curve of possible routes to the bottom row, should a falling ball randomly zig-zag this way and that on its way to the bottom.

The statistical probability that it falls to the right every step of the way, thereby reaching the furthest right position, is quite unlikely, relative to finding some average way down, closer to the middle.

Pascal's Triangle includes the triangular and tetrahedral numbers among its leftmost rows, taking us to the ball packings and polyhedral numbers of Martian Math.

Source Code

def pascal():
    row = [1]
    while True:
        yield row
        row = [i + j for i,j in zip(row + [0], [0] + row)]


Pascal gen.jpg