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US 12009, Version 2, Credit 5, Level 4, Element 1 (PC 1.2)

US 21864, Version 1, Credit 5, Level 4, Element 1 (PC 1.1-1.4), Element 2 (PC 2.4, 2.5)


Travel Request Acknowledgement - email


In your role as a travel advisor you are required to write an email (professional standard) replying and clarifiying details and advising benefits/constraints, itinerary options, from an earlier email you received from Lucy Green

You must establish with your clients (Lucy and John) the following basic requirements:(refer to the Ministry of Tourism - travel policy you have designed)

  • travel authorisation
  • budget requirements
  • transport to and from departure and arrival points
  • car hire
  • travel insurance
  • Ensure all requests comply with the established travel policy eg. hotel options

Identify three of the following communication systems required - by the travellers

  • celluar phone
  • laptop computer
  • email and internet access
  • data projector
  • facsimile
  • teleconference facilities
  • voice mail system

Email this to with the subject title Travel Request Acknowledgement.

Supporting Resources

  • previous email - booking form