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Analyse the process and application for marketing tourism destinations - Unit Standard 20675, Level 5, Credit 6, Version 1 - Element One (PC 1.3)


Describe and analyse Tourism New Zealand's "Destination New Zealand" marketing strategy


What does Tourism New Zealand do? How does it do it? What is their strategy? How is it implemented?

Your task will be to write a report analysing Tourism New Zealand's "Destination New Zealand" marketing strategy; using the marketing process components listed below, and relating how TNZ has/and continues to implement the strategy through their "100% Pure New Zealand" global campaign.

1. Destination Objectives

  • What objectives has TNZ set for New Zealand (2015 Strategy)

2. Research

  • how, when and why is this completed?
  • Is this continuing?

3. SWOT Analysis

  • internal - looking at the organisation
  • external - looking outside the organisation

4. Marketing Objectives (2015 Strategy)

  • what the organisation is trying to achieve through its marketing activities during a specified period

5. Product Positioning

  • looking at competitors

6. Target Marketing

  • Segmentation - the interactive traveller
  • explain who the target market/s is/are
  • how they have been segmented
  • and why (what is the outcome)

7. Marketing Mix

  • 7P's as they apply to Tourism New Zealand


  • your report will follow the order above
  • it should be between (2000-2500) words
  • it should be bound, with a cover page and protective plastic cover
  • the correct report writing format should be used
  • all work must be referenced

Supporting Resources

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