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Understanding your clients needs and meeting them


Corporate clients need to know that the travel or corporate agents they wish to take care of their travel arrangements are providing the best value for money, but 'value means different things to different people'.


1. Describe how and provide an example of, your idea on how best to analyis your new corporate client's needs

You will need to look out what your client's needs may be:

How will you find this out? - eg. survey, questionnaire

Areas to cover would include:

  • what are your clients needs for a service mix eg. simple booking sevice or the full management of their travel policy, or somewhere in-between
  • what are their resources eg. large, small organisation - budget restraints, set charges for transactions, business or economy travel, accomodation etc
  • payment arrangements

2. Next you have to decide how you will present this resource to your client eg. phone interview, personal interview

3. Design the resource.

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