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  • Learning Outcomes 1 and 2


1. To market a product or service

2. To examine and analyse marketing techniques in a tourism organisation


Your task is to promote at least five attractions Juliette and Michael may wish to visit, both in Shanghai and other cities or regions of China.

Once you have chosen a variety of attractions your clients may be interested in visiting, you are required to promote them in the following manner.

In pairs, choose two of the following types of promotion to market the attractions you have chosen. These will form part of your organisations full marketing campaign:

  • promotional advertisment - for publication in a travel suppliment or magazine
  • face book page
  • video
  • blog

You will need to create a brand name, symbol and proposition for your promotions which will be used in the two types of promotion you have chosen.

Each of you must contribute to both promotions (not one promotion per person) and evidence of this must be provided eg. written confirmation

This assessment is due for presentation on:

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