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W hotel winter package 2008

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Explore the range of packages that accommodation establishments offer


Create a suitable package for your chosen hotel


1. Take some time to research different hotel packages. Hotels market their packages using different mediums, such as the internet, radio, television, newspaper, magazines. See how many different places you can find a package.

2. You will often find hotels advertise these packages because of a special event, or close to the school holidays or in the low or shoulder season. They may choose to promote their hotel for a "weekend" or a "luxury break" or for "relaxation".

3. Once you have completed your own research, choose a specific event or time of the year (for example: Valentines Day) and create your package. Think about what would be included in the package, who would be your target market? Is the package only valid for a certain period of time or days of the week?

Supporting Resources

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