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Provide students with an overview of selling in the tourism industry

Assessment for:

  • Learning Outcome 3 - Establish, maintain and increase client base
  • Learning Outcome 4 - Develop on-going business relationships
  • Learning Outcome 5 - Sell goods/services to a client


Scenario One

You are employed as a travel advisor at Orbit Corporate Travel and have been requested to organise the travel arrangements for Michael Hunt and Juliette Schofield to travel to the International Sustainable Tourism Conference being held in Shanghai from 20-24 October 2016.

Juliette and Michael are employed by the Ministry of Tourism in Wellington and have requested you provide details of a package which includes accommodation in Shanghai for 7 nights and air fares from Wellington. The conference will be held at the Hilton Hotel.

As part of their professional development both Michael and Juliette wish to stay in China for an additional 10 nights. This is to enable them to gain more knowledge and visitor experience of the country. They wish to visit many of the famous attractions available in China.

You need to provide suggestions for attractions to visit in Shanghai after the conference and also details of transportation to the various attractions you recommend for their post conference holiday.

Please complete a suggested itinerary together with a quotation so you can sell the holiday to your clients.

You will be assessed on the content (including selling of the activities you have recommended) of the itinerary and your selling techniques when presenting the package to your clients in a role play situation. You should present yourself as a professional corporate travel advisor. Presentation assessment on Tuesday 13 and Tuesday 20 September. Itineraries and quotations need to be emailed to by 1000 on Sunday 11 September.

Scenario Two

Orbit Corporate Travel wishes to both maintain and increase its client base and you have been asked to produce a poster/infographic detailing the steps/actions required to fulfill this task. You will need to include information on customer relationship management and building customer loyalty. Email to by 1700 on Monday 12 September

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