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Analyse the process and application for marketing tourism destinations - Unit Standard 20675, Level 5, Credit 6, Version 1 - Element 1 (PC 1.1 - 1.2)


Analyse the marketing components, both domestically (Regional Tourism Organisation) and internationally (National Tourism Organisation) of a town, resort and geographical region in New Zealand


In your role as Marketing Manager at Tourism Queenstown, you have been asked to present a paper on "Marketing Tourism Destinations" at an upcoming Tourism Industry Conference being held in your home town of Queenstown next month.

Your paper should analyse the roles of the National Tourism Organisation (Tourism New Zealand) and Regional Tourism Organisations (RTO's) in terms of tourism destination marketing. Use Queenstown to illustrate the main points and then choose another national destination to illustrate other points or to compare and contrast eg.Wellington, Northland, Auckland, Dunedin.

In your paper you must discuss the following:

  • what are Regional Tourism Organisation's (RTO) destination marketing objectives in respect of towns, resorts and geographical areas in New Zealand - provide a general overview with three specific examples
  • what methods of marketing segmentation are used by the RTO's (psychographic, demographic etc) - provide three different examples
  • where and how are the destinations positioned in relation to each other - provide an example of and discuss the branding role in regional marketing
  • identify and provide three different examples of the target market/s in a region and what marketing mix is used to attract them

Your presentation of the paper will also include:

  • examples of quantitative and qualitative marketing research - related to each of the following:
    • a town
    • resort
    • geographical area
  • a SWOT (strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis for the resort of Queenstown

Your paper should be referenced and to cover the above points will most likely be around the 1800 word mark - supported by some graphical material (graphs)

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