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US 12009, Element 1 - PC 1.2-1.4

Element 2 - PC 2.1-2.3


Complex sales transaction - Complex sales transaction may include but is not limited to – high value, multiple products, detailed product knowledge, trade-in, credit, hire purchase, layby, contract, negotiation


A potential client (John) has shown interest in a new sculpture which has just come into the gallery where you work in Queenstown. You think you can sell him the sculpture and he certainly seems willing.

You decide to try the full sales pitch on him. Write a script for the sales process and make sure you include the following:

  • open and closed questions
  • suggestions
  • providing options
  • demonstration - getting him involved, asking his and giving yours
  • testimony and story behind the sculpture
  • application to specific situations

All the while using the following communication techniques you have learn't at a recent sales training session:

  • persuasion
  • flexibility
  • analysis
  • synthesis
  • time management
  • resource management
  • language and manner
  • turning features into benefits
  • responding to objections
  • negotiation
  • knowledge of legislation
  • gaining agreement
  • showing or describing features and benefits
  • identifying future needs and added value
  • upselling

As part of closing the sale (you need to demonstrate this as well) you should make sure you have taken the client through all the sales options available:

  • the warranty and insurance
  • financing arrangements
  • layby
  • credit sale (previously known as hire purchase)
  • after sale service
  • payment options

Ensure your sales documentation is completed and processed in accordance with gallery procedures

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