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Cruising Antarctica

Image courtesy of scottwilson


To help students gain skills to determine the needs of their clients.


1. You have two sets of clients (below) both consider Antarctica the ultimate cruise destination but with so many ships to choose from they would like you to research carefully and present them with the best option for their particular needs.


Go to the websites listed in the supporting material and gather information to give to your clients in support of your proposal to them. In other words you must choose an option you think best suits the needs of your clients.

Client One: Jane Foster (35) would like to sail among the splendour rather rather than experience it first hand. She would be quite happy not to have to leave the ship, feels happier surrounded by lots of people and wants the most comfortable conditions her budget can afford her.

Client Two: Philip (61) and Marilyn Jones (54)are wanting an upfront, hands on (as much as possible) experience of Antarctica. They don't want to be lost in the crowds and it is important to them to be able to say they have made landfall. The couple have not stipulated that they are tied to a budget.

This will be a "role play" situation in a travel agency - you can use the websites to "sell" your proposal and have the information on a word document for your clients to peruse.

This activity will be completed on Wednesday 27 May in class.

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