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Atrium of Burj El Arab Hotel

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Explore reservation and cancellation policies


The purpose of this activity is to explore different accommodation establishments and the reservation policies they may impose on their customers when they book accommodation.


1. Blanket Bayis a small luxury lodge, located in Queenstown, New Zealand. Nightly room rates include pre-dinner cocktails, dinner, breakfast and carte blanche use of sports equipment and facilities. Nightly rates range from $1420 to $2750 exclusive GST (2 pax). Explain in your own words their reservation and cancellation policy and the reasons they have this policy.

2. Joe Smith would like to book one nights accommodation on-line at the Southern Cross Hotel, Dunedin, via the Scenic Circle website. Explain to Joe what their deposit policy is when making an on-line booking. What is their cancellation policy?

3. Pennys is a local backpackers in Dunedin, New Zealand. Do they have a reservation policy? If not, why is this?

4. Choose an accommodation establishment of your choice. What is their reservation policy?. How hard is it to find the policies?