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Rosh Ashana

I like this holiday because my father buy pomegranate only in the holidy and i like this fruit.i think that this holiday is the most importent holiday of the jews.


In this holiday we cant eat , and i like to eat so i dont like this holiday , but i like the songs in the synagogue .


Listening is what we do to understand what other people are saying, and what they mean. If the other people don't want to listen to me , i can talk but they won't understand me .

Only with talking and listening we can to solve our problems. To overcome with the problem the student with the listeningg barrier, need to have a diagnosis. Listening is a conscious act that we need to focus on it. When a person cant listen to another he will try to shift the subject of the conversation . For conclusion, there are lots of ways to overcome with the problem and thers are a lot professional person.