Safety in the Welding Workshop in Samoa

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By the end of this lesson student should be able to
  • Identify 4 different types of workshop safety
  1. Safety in the workshop
  2. Personal Safety
  3. Machine Safety
  4. Tools Safety


  • Safety in the workshop
  1. No horseplay in the workshop
  2. Do not play practical jokes in the workshop
  3. No scrap of metal lying on the floor
  4. Clean the workshop after practical work
  • Perssonal Safety
  1. Overral
  2. Safety boots
  3. Gloves
  4. Safety glass/goggle
  • Machine Safety
  1. Check the power point
  2. Safety gard
  3. One personal per machine
  4. Check all cable connection
  5. Clean the machine after work
  • Tools Safety
  1. Use the correct tool to a right jop
  2. Return tools to the shadow board after used
  3. Never throw tools in the workshop
  4. Dont carry sharp tools in your bocket