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Hello, I'm Ryuto (lvl 160 Sari on Rosal server of dofus) and I have noticed faaar oo many "which is better ___ Sacri or ____ Sacri" which soon turn into "how can I build a ____ Sacri"

well let me tell you lvl 200 there is no REAL difference in all boils down to how you use I'm helping people make builds from lvl 1-200 ^^

Starting with Agility Sacrier

Agility Sacri Rely on dodge locking and dodge rolling to be able to either lock large amounts of targets so that it's easier to mob hit or so that you can get away from a mob and hammer large numbers of them.

From lvl 2-11 try to get the pts to lvl Assault (it's great attack that affords you to be able to hit opponents from afar. Until you can substitute it for a better set please stick to the Yound Adventurer Set. After you max out Assault get Attraction to lvl 5 (you may want to subsitiute the set for +agility gear...I would suggest waiting a bit longer...(slowly but surely start using Tofu Set, then mix it with Toady Set, then add a Mad Tofu Cloak) for a while your main weapon will be assault so focus on either a good Agility Bow (Hidsad Bow) or on +stat weapons..I, personally, prefer Otof'Mai'We Daggers or Eurfolles Daggers because they both give +1MP.

Try to get Transposition to lvl 5 and, at this point, you may want to look into getting a weapons skill spell (like Dagger Skill) not saying you should lvl it yet.

Get Nimble Punishment to lvl 5 (if you'd this lvl you still won't have enough health nor will you take so much damage that you can buff to insaine stats) an Air Bwak is a great pet to friggin get one. As you level you should subsitiute Tofu set parts for Air Bwak Set parts, then for Aerdala set parts...

Make sure you can get Cooperation to lvl 5 as soon as you get it, since this spell is what will give you ease in large maps and dungeons.

By lvl 60 you can use a mount, please try to get an Emerald, if you dont have enough dofus kamas to afford one then just get any mount or the extra Pods(Maybe get one that gives you wisdom?). When you can use (Air Maged) Blessdags, Rags and some +crit/Agi gear to get the daggers down to 1/2 (if you hav lvl 5 dagger skill that would help too) on a critical hit you can possibly do over 100 damage and everyone will look at you as if you are cheating. use this util you are lvl 90 (or 108). When you get the spells max out Punishment and Flying Sword...Swap can be set to lvl 3 for better PvM (player vs Monster) action and lvl 5 Nimble Punishment is a good idea...

If you still like using a bow too much then Air Mage a Koalak Bow and have fun ^^. At lvl 90 I used Lutination Daggers (because they healed me back when I attacked ^^) which would require you to get some +str Gear or to scroll str or both (Chafeerce Belt, White Rat Set, Bwork Set, Farle's Wedding Ring and Solo's Ring) By lvl 108 you can use Black Rat Daggers which have no str requirement and can be used with a Mad Tofu Cloak, you can load up on +crit amulet, boots and rings and use a Powerful Dazzling belt to get better stats while having 9 AP or you can stay with a Gelano if you can't afford the belt and use the Chafeerce Belt...

Slowly you will be able to change set parts, equip a Black Rat Mask, then a Krutch (if you want), then a Solomonk..

Try to get Moon Hammmer, get Nimble Punishment, Assault, Dagger Skill and Transposition to level 6 (get attraction to lvl 6 if you'd like)

Start Subsituting Gear Here and getting Ramourge's Setter (which AP rapes...awsome ^^) or Dagger Manics if you're into that kinda' thing. After Ramourge's I got Ice Daggers, which give you +1 MP...awsome ^^. Harry Boots are super cool if you can get them...the mats aren't cheap so you may want to farm the mats yourself. Moowolf Cape is also a good cape to subsitiute Rags with because it gives inititive. Some Sacrier use a Hammer Build which just relies on using an Air Maged Zoth Girl Hammer and +Agility Gear..Never the less, it is impotant to try to get more MP because field manipulation has a cooldown (for us) and MP saves us AP ^^

I need to rest so I'll continue the info on this build a bit later..I'll also add Chance, Intel and Str builds....after that I'll do Omni Builds and Damage Build.