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Name Of The Person : Hajra Bee.

Age : 60

Total Member Of The Family: 6

Name of the members Relation of the person Age Male/ Female Educational Qualification Occupation
Hajra Self 60 F None House Wife
Rahim Husband 70 M None Labour
Aftab Son 35 M V CLASS Labour
Rani Daughter 18 F III CLASS None
Rihana Daughter 25 F VIII CLASS None
Hina Daughter 15 F VIII CLASS None

What is your opinion? Education is Necessary or Not.

  • Necessary

In your opinion is necessary for - Girls/Boys/Both.

  • Boys

Do you know that is the elementary education under 14 years is compulsory? Yes/No

  • No

Have the girl’s right to get higher education? Yes/No.

  • No

Some educational programmed are conducted or not?

  • Conducted

Difference between boys and girls education? Yes /No.

  • Yes

Which type of environment in the school? Good/Bad.

  • Good

Is the number of teacher is sufficient or not in the school?

  • Not

What is the level of education in the school?



Higher Secondary

  • Primary

Where the students go to get Higher Education?




  • Vidisha

There any transport facilities are available or not?

  • Not

Is there provide Mid-Day-Meal facility? Yes/no.

  • Yes

Is there provide Aaganbadi facility? Yes/no

  • Yes

Is there any facility of scholarship for the students in the School? Yes/No.

  • No