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Beautiful place

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If you are looking for sun,sea and smiles visit the spiceisle. Lush tropical vegetation, friendly people, lots of sunshine, countless beaches; there is no better place than Grenada. The sunsets are breathtaking. The mood is idylic and serene. Take a trip to Grand Etang and see the mona monkey, the crater lake, feel the cool mountain breeze; life is wonderful in this Blessed Isle.

Great View

There is soo much to enjoy in this isle:

  • delicious foods
  • wonderful views
  • contagious smiles
  • fascinating trips
  • an abundance of everything

If this is not sufficient for you to be convinced then i wonder what will do the trick!

  1. An abundance of money
  2. A great Godparent
  3. A generous family
  4. A stroke of luck
  5. A trip as a prize on
  • Price is Right
  • Regis and Kelly
  • Oprah