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By 2014, all New Zealand tertiary graduates will understand the principles, values, and practices of strong sustainability.



  1. To ensure graduates have the capability to embed sustainability principles, values and practices in their lifestyle and profession.
  2. To enable the embedding of sustainability principles, values and practices into all tertiary education programmes.
  3. To create opportunities for research in the sustainability domain, including education for sustainability that enhances curricula and pedagogy.
  4. To support tertiary education providers in creating an institutional context that encourages sustainability thinking, policies and practices.

Guiding principles

In line with the Strategic Plan for the NZ UNDESD, STENZ seeks to:

  • Generate a sense of urgency, purpose and commitment in relation to education for sustainability
  • Celebrate and demonstrate the value of cultural diversity
  • Mainstream sustainable development and human rights principles
  • Incorporate principles of The Treaty of Waitangi
  • Support existing education for sustainability programmes in NZ.


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