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Social networking is the practice of individuals connecting and communicating around a common interest using online tools and social networking sites. Social media allows people to publish out to the world via the Internet. People use the internet (or web enabled mobile phones) to create and upload or link to their text, photos, videos or sound recordings online.

They share links (URLs) and web-clippings with others and keep a list of bookmarks or interesting sites.

All this content can be made accessible to their network of contacts both through specific content sharing tools, and the social networking services we mentioned earlier in this lesson.

People can choose to receive content that has been produced or selected by others, via web subscription services powered by new technologies.

No longer are traditional media or big, well-resourced organizations the only ones who are creating and disseminating information.Now you and I can create and publish to the world (more).We don’t need specialized technical skills either.

There are many easy to use content creation and sharing tools on the internet that anyone with an internet connection and a computer can use. Some can be used with just a mobile phone!